National Collections

  • Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK
  • CAFA, Beijing, China
  • MMU, Manchester, UK
  • HMP, Harbing, China
  • Golsoncott Foundation, UK


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British artist and printmaker, Ben Goodman, is best known for his use of traditional wood engraving to create intricate and powerful portraits. Blending oil painting and printmaking techniques, he uses engraving to build up multi-layered prints which resemble miniature paintings. The result is a unique style and approach, which creates subtle, textured and intimate contemporary prints.

His work is inspired by the beauty and nuance of the human form and its variety of shape, colour, and texture. He takes influence from 500 years of European painting and printmaking. From the renaissance masters, to contemporary printmakers and painters.

Goodman’s work has been widely exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, and his prints are held in various National Collections, including the V&A (UK), MMU (UK), CAFA (China) and HMP (China). He is one of the youngest of his generation to become an elected member of The Society of Wood Engravers, and in 2023 was awarded the prestigious Rachel Reckitt Prize. He is a Senior Technician at UWE (Bristol) where he teaches engraving and relief printmaking.